20x27 cm
AED 180
AED 520

Your Photo on Acrylic Puzzle

  • 88 flawless acrylic glass pieces
  • Superb photo reproduction
  • Captivating depth effect
  • Longer-lasting jigsaw puzzle

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What is our Acrylic Puzzle?

  • jigsaw acrylic puzzle complete view
  • jigsaw acrylic puzzle detailed view
  • jigsaw acrylic puzzle in room

Our Acrylic Puzzle is a premium version of our big-selling custom photo puzzle. We print your photo behind a flawless sheet of acrylic glass which produces an elegant depth effect. The photo print is then expertly cut into an 88-piece jigsaw, ready to give you a lifetime of pleasure!

Photo Acrylic Puzzle – Luxury Photo Gift

  • 88-piece puzzle (20 x 27cm)
  • Superbly crisp direct photo printing
  • 2mm sheet of flawless acrylic glass
  • Glass creates magical depth effect
  • Perfectly cut jigsaw pieces

Acrylic Puzzle – Luxury Gift for a Jigsaw Lover

Your Photo on an Acrylic Puzzle

Get ready for a new luxury version of our popular photo puzzle. The acrylic puzzle print adds a whole new dimension to this classic photo gift – literally! We print your image on a pure-white backing layer and top it with a 2mm sheet of acrylic glass. Available as an 88-piece puzzle only.

Top-Quality Photo Reproduction

The acrylic puzzle print isn’t just a classic pastime that will give you endless hours of fun. It’s a beautiful tribute to your special photo memories too. We print your photos in pin-sharp resolution with dazzling colours – all shown to their best advantage by the flawless acrylic glass.

Acrylic Photo Puzzle with Exquisite Print

We use only the best materials for your acrylic photo puzzle. Your photo is reproduced in stunning detail on a pure-white base sheet, then topped with crystal-clear acrylic of the finest quality. The acrylic glass creates elegant reflections that flicker across your image for a stunning “3D” effect!

Extra-Durable Acrylic Jigsaw Puzzle

We cut your 88-piece acrylic puzzle with state-of-the-art precision tools so the finished puzzle looks virtually seamless. The exceptional durability of acrylic glass means your acrylic photo puzzle should stay in great condition for a lifetime. This is a luxury item fit for your most precious photos.

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