5x5 cm
AED 140
AED 500


  • Mini photo blocks of acrylic glass
  • State-of-the-art print technology
  • Chunky 5 x 5 x 2.5cm format
  • Perfect for mixing up & rearranging

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5 x 5 cm AED 500 AED 140

New MixBlox are Excellent Mixers!

  • animated mixblox
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Our MixBlox are dinky acrylic blocks featuring beautiful prints of your photos. Cute and characterful, they come in a handy 5 x 5cm format. And with their chunky depth, these are free-standing pieces – perfect for grouping, stacking, and rearranging at will! The flawless acrylic glass produces a mesmerising 3D effect that makes your photos seem to come alive.

Mini Acrylic Photo Blocks that Love to Mingle

  • Robust crystal-clear acrylic glass
  • 5 x 5cm prints, ideal multi-buy product
  • Crisp and vibrant photo printing
  • Convenient free-standing design
  • 2.5cm thick with stunning depth effect

MixBlox – Your Photos in Mini Acrylic Blocks

Cute and Versatile Acrylic Photo Blocks

Looking for a fresh new way to display your favourite pics? Choose MixBlox – miniature blocks of acrylic glass printed with your own photos. Your image is reproduced as a stunning digital print and displayed at the back of a cute and chunky glass block that’s 2.5cm thick! MixBlox are free-standing items that can be displayed on any flat surface.

A New Arrangement Whenever Inspiration Strikes

MixBlox look great on their own, but they also love to work as a team! Buy a set of these mini acrylic photo blocks and you can mix them up together, choosing fresh arrangements whenever you please. With their bold and sturdy design, they can be stacked together in columns, rows, pyramids…you name it! The perfect display idea for any themed photo collection.

Exquisite Photo Printing

MixBlox might be small, but thanks to our state-of-the-art print technology they make an outsize impact. Your cherished photos will really get the deluxe treatment – expect vibrant 5 x 5cm print reproductions of exceptional power and clarity. We achieve colours so intense, you’ll feel like you’re seeing your pictures for the very first time!

MixBlox – the Magic of Acrylic Glass

MixBlox come in a classic border-free design. The block edges are all transparent, so your beautiful photo print can be seen from any angle. The flawless acrylic glass bathes your photo in light for a breathtaking “depth” effect – the print seems to come to life amid shimmering reflections. And when MixBlox are stacked together, the effect is twice as magical!

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