15x10 cm
AED 85
AED 420

Your Photo Behind Acrylic Glass

  • Premium-quality hardened acrylic glass
  • True-to-life reproduction with vibrant colours
  • Glossy and strikingly radiant appearance
  • Resistant to light and water damage

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15x10 cm AED 420 AED 85
20x15 cm AED 450 AED 90
30x20 cm AED 500 AED 110
40x30 cm AED 520 AED 150
60x40 cm AED 600 AED 230
80x60 cm AED 740 AED 370
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What Makes Acrylic Prints so Exquisite?

Enhancing every detail of your original photo, acrylic prints combine hand-polished acrylic glass and a paper-thin premium print. Each one comes with a convenient hanging system at the back.

Acrylic Photo Prints for a Truly Sophisticated Photo Display

  • Overall composition thickness of only 3mm
  • Striking depth effect and appealing contrasts
  • 12-colour printing technique ensures faithful reproduction
  • Meticulously cut glass with flawlessly polished edges
  • Resistant to damage caused by light and water

Ultra-Rich Detail and Radiant Image Display with an Acrylic Photo

​Acrylic Prints – the Best Complement for Your Original Photo

Discover that beloved photo afresh, thanks to a radiant acrylic glass panel and the ultra-high detail that the acrylic format provides. Printed using state-of-the-art 12-colour technology, your image will be laminated on an exquisite acrylic glass panel that enhances the colour palette while also softening the gradients.

A Wall Decor Item that Brings Refinement to Your Living Space

Acrylic photo prints are suited to a diverse range of interior decor styles thanks to their sleek borderless design. They add a sense of depth to your image by emphasizing both ends of the colour spectrum. An acrylic photo print is a deceptively understated decor item that can completely update the way your interior space looks and feels.

The Result of Complex, Multistage Manufacturing

The production of each acrylic photo is carried out with careful precision. The liquid glass is poured in specially prepared instalments, guaranteeing that every panel is flawlessly cast. After your print is laminated onto the glass, it’s processed using a sophisticated cutting technique that ensures millimetre precision. In the final stage of manufacturing, each print is polished so that every edge has a perfectly smooth feel.

Acrylic Glass Prints that Captivate the Eye

With its distinct artistic look, a photo on acrylic is the perfect finishing touch for any contemporary interior design scheme. Visually striking from any angle, an acrylic photo is a high-end decor solution at a surprisingly reasonable price. With its fantastic price tag and superb aesthetic qualities, this is a wall decor item that simply cannot disappoint!

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