15x10 cm
AED 100
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Your Photo on Aluminium

  • Pin-sharp resolution & superb colour reproduction
  • Sophisticated aluminium composite panel
  • Protective lamination with a glossy surface
  • Lightweight yet robust construction

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80x60 cm AED 740 AED 370
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What Makes Aluminium Photo Prints So Great?

Robust, refined and reliable, aluminium prints are the perfect choice for your most important photos. Composed of a nearly weightless black plastic core between two sheets of aluminium, it’s a state-of-the-art decor piece that combines looks and performance.

Photo prints for those who want elegance and stability

  • Uniquely sturdy composite panel design
  • State-of-the-art printing for superb depth of colour
  • Protective laminate to prevent UV-inflicted damage
  • Robust yet surprisingly lightweight construction
  • Superbly detailed print on genuine photo paper

Premium-Class Aluminium Prints of Your Photos

A Wall Decor Piece That’s Built for Looks and Performance

Aluminium photo prints have the most robust structure of all the print formats, but that takes nothing away from their sophisticated appeal. With laboratory-quality photo paper on a cleverly designed composite panel, this is a high-resolution photo print that’s built to last. Laminated for maximum protection, your aluminium print can be exhibited in a diverse range of environments, whether sheltered or exposed to the elements.

Display Your Best Photos in Diverse Environments

The special protective layer will guard your aluminium photo print against the negative effects of UV rays and the damage caused by humidity. It also produces a striking gloss effect that enhances the depth of field, bringing the image of your choice to new aesthetic heights. Attractive, striking and wonderfully durable, it’s got everything you could want from premium home decor.

Combining Artistic Sensibility with Practical Value

The photo of your choice will be printed on genuine photo paper, which is itself then applied to a carefully assembled aluminium composite. We make the composite panel by enclosing a featherlight black plastic core between a pair of robust aluminium sheets, meaning that the panel is durable but light and easy to move.

Premium Class Decor Solution Ready for Instant Display

The manufacturing process starts just moments after you place your order. Your photo aluminium print will arrive packed for maximum safety and completely ready to display on your wall. The cleverly hidden hanging system creates a striking effect whereby the photo print seems to be floating, which only adds to the overall impression of a high-end decor piece.

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