20x20 cm
AED 150
AED 600

Your Favourite Photo Framed in a Passe-Partout

  • Digitally printed photo in superbly crisp detail
  • Frame and passe-partout for a true gallery-style look
  • Protected and enhanced by a glossy acrylic panel
  • Now available with extra slim frames

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What Is a Photo on Passe-Partout?

  • photo on passe-partout
  • photo on passe-partout
  • photo on passe-partout

A framed photo with passe-partout will be the focal point of your interior decor. Featuring authentic museum card-stock with an oblique cut that accentuates your photo, it’s a wall decor piece for true connoisseurs – with a crystal-clear sheet of acrylic glass for the finishing touch!

Bring Gallery Chic Home with a Photo on Passe-Partout

  • Genuine museum card-stock with a refined oblique cut
  • Covered with a flawless sheet of acrylic glass
  • Beautiful framing for that irresistible gallery look
  • Cutting-edge printing technology for true-to-life images
  • Range of textures and hues available for the frame

Decorative Passe-Partout Frame - a Composition with Classic Appeal

  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Silber-Optik
  • Silberrahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Silberr-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Schwarz-Glanz-Optik
  • Schwarz glaenzender Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in schwarz glaenzenden Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Schwarz-Matt-Optik
  • Schwarzer Mattrahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Matt-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in weissem Rahmen
  • Weisser Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Weiss-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Walnuss-Optik
  • Walnuss-Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Walnuss-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Esche-Optik
  • Esche-Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Oak-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Eiche-Optik
  • Eiche-Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Eiche-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Palisander-Optik
  • Palisander-Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Palisander-Optik

Set in a sturdy frame and accentuated with specially cut solid-white museum cardboard, your photo print will be a decor item fit for a gallery. Choose a frame colour that matches the dominant hues of your image and you’ll take your print to new aesthetic heights and make it an effortless head-turner!

Pick any option from the available range. With a choice of classic hues or warm wooden finishes, your composition can take on a more homely organic quality or get a sleek look fit for a contemporary art gallery. Framed prints will give your photos a whole new impact!

Your Favourite Photo as a Genuine Gallery Piece with Passe-Partout Framing

Printing Technology that Gets the Best Results

Using cutting-edge printing technology, MyPicture.ae is known for producing exceptionally sharp photo prints with satisfyingly vivid hues. Your photo will be reproduced pixel by pixel, then carefully stretched over an expertly crafted frame. Get ready to see your photo as if for the first time, in unprecedented detail! With your photo in the capable hands of our professional team, you can expect only the best quality!

Flawless Acrylic Glass in a High-Spec Frame

Even before it’s framed, your photo print is a true work of art with stunning resolution and beautifully rich contrasts. Printed using state-of-the-art technology, the fresh image lets you experience your photo anew. You get a sophisticated gallery aesthetic for the price of a regular photo print. Order your framed passe-partout prints online and bring a gallery aesthetic into your own home!

Oblique Finish to Draw Focus to Your Image

The passe-partout surrounding your image is made from authentic museum card-stock, lending sophisticated appeal to the whole piece. The thick, solid-white border will accentuate your image and turn it into the focal point of any interior. Pair it with the most suitable frame design from our fantastic range and you’ll create a truly sublime composition!

Print and Frame Photos in Numerous Styles

Your photo on passe-partout will arrive fully assembled and all set to adorn your room. The photo will be printed, framed, and packed with the greatest care. Just pick the photo frame that best fits the image – and your personal taste. Every frame is hand-crafted, and the overall effect is enhanced further by the acrylic glass cover. Packed and ready for dispatch within just 24 hours, your framed prints with passe-partout will arrive in flawless condition, courtesy of our insured shipping partner!

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