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Your Personalised Star Map

  • You choose any date and any place
  • Star map at that moment appears automatically
  • Beautiful gift idea honouring a special event
  • HD print on pure-white photo board


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Personalised Star Map – For a Moment That Changed Your Life

Any major lifetime achievement – a wedding, graduation, the birth of a child – can make you feel as if the stars have aligned perfectly for you alone. And now you can capture that magical moment forever with our custom star map. Simply enter the time and place of your unforgettable event and the exact arrangement of stars at that moment will be formed before your eyes. Every star map is a one-of-a-kind tribute to a life-changing point in time and space.

Creating Your Star Map is This Simple!

star map
  • Enter your date, time and place
  • Unique configuration appears automatically
  • Choose colour and customisation features

Personalised Star Map in Stunningly Bold Colour

Choose from 9 striking colour options (classic white or black, or one of our bold colour blocks like Ultraviolet or Sunset), then add a constellation chart and/or grid system if you prefer. You can also include your own dedication – or choose to leave this section blank for a classic minimalist effect, with your star map featuring no text except your date and place.

Make your star map even more dazzling by choosing a beautiful decor frame. You can pick the frame that’s right for you from our great range of designs, from classic single colours to warm wooden tones.

  • starmap

Simply Stunning – Framed Star Map

verschiedenen Farben

Decor frame with 5 colour options

Premium HD print with matte effect

Direct print on slim and elegant photo board

personal star map mypicture.ae star map black star map purple in room

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