15x10 cm
AED 65
AED 325

Your Photo on Photo Board

  • Superb resolution for maximum image sharpness
  • Sophisticated technology ensures true-to-life image reproduction
  • Special matte finish with anti-scratch protection
  • Suitable for walls with limited load-bearing capacity

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What Makes a Photo Board Print Such a Great Buy?

A unique choice among our wall decor formats, photo board prints really have it all – a convenient lightweight construction, true-to-life photo printing and surprising durability. A print on photo board has all the bold and vibrant qualities of our other formats but it’s presented on an easily portable 5mm-thick hardfoam panel.

Affordable Lasting Beauty with Photo Board Prints

  • Matte finish provides a special touch of elegance
  • Incredibly light structure suitable for any type of wall
  • Precise trimming work with elegantly finished corners
  • Accurate reproduction with superbly rich colours
  • Low-cost decor piece with no compromise on quality

True-to-Life Photo Reproduction on Elegantly Slim Photo Board

Sensible Price and Quality That’s Second to None

The result of careful work by hand alongside complex mechanical processing, each photo board print is built to offer lightweight qualities while retaining the durability of our other wall art solutions. Just as refined and appealing as any other format, a print on photo board is sure to give your favourite photo the presentation it deserves.

​Perfect for All Surfaces

The popularity of photo board prints lies in their compatibility with practically any vertical surface. Thanks to their lightweight properties, prints on photo board are suitable for walls with minimal load-bearing capacities. The 5mm-thick hardfoam plate can also be used out of doors or on more vulnerable tiled walls.

Matte Finish for Restrained Elegance

Your photo image will be printed directly onto the photo board panel using our state-of-the-art 6-colour printing technology. Direct printing allows for stunningly accurate photo reproduction, with deep, rich colours that will simply glow. Your print will feature a matte surface for an elegant contemporary look – providing the effortless visual confidence that your most cherished photos deserve.

Speedy Production, Secure Packaging

Thanks to our user-friendly interface, designing your customised photo board print at our site shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Once payment has been received, your print begins a streamlined production cycle – the pristine final product will be ready for dispatch in just a few days. And thanks to our no-expense-spared packaging, it will arrive in the very same flawless condition.

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